and it's hard to hold a candle
Sunday, Jul. 11, 2004 - 10:09 pm
hello hello again, a dream sweet heart

prestently listening to:noisy mexican neighbors

intentions to: go to bed before i pick a fight

soberity level: as a bluejay

not that any of you ungreatful assholes care...but i am still alive and kickin.

lets see...i went to europe last november. i hate my life. i go to school. i hate my life.

i did Sarah McClauchlin's hair and make-up for her show at the Greek Theater, Brekely last night. that was pretty freaking cool. i got a police escort into parking with the tour busses 'n stuff. she's waay less motherly than i expected. shes more of a mutha than a mother, really. cool as fuck though.

the photographer i'm working with wants to take my head shots. thats cool i guess. who doesn't need fancy pics of thier own face?

if i had a fire place i'd hang my face over it hella big, for sure. awesome.

i miss...

my b/f who's still on that stoopid tour


justin corbin

justin clark

steven who won't return my calls

jake palu

my g-ma who died a month ago );

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in the cold November rain