and it's hard to hold a candle
Monday, Jul. 12, 2004 - 7:21 am
you love me, you really love me!!!!

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intentions to: go to the gym, the dentist and then work

soberity level: i need to get rid of this one

well, hello. i'm flattered i still have diary friends! best friend Erik was spending a year in Paris, so, BP and i headed on thata way. from there we went to london, to ireland, back to Paris for another week. it was a really fast trip, 10 days in all. my first time in foreign lands. my favorite part? either being lost on the streets of dublin or sitting in parisian cafes and people watching.

Erik was djing at that boat club in Paris, i forget its name. we kept trying to go out, but i'm pretty usless when you make me walk all day and try and absorb more art than i'll even remember.

the Irish folks were the nicest, maybe we just looked the most pathetic there. BP and i got real lost one night and some really nice people helped us get on the right bus, and then even told us when our stop was coming up. i probably would have never returned had we missed our stop. the next one after it was waay into the country side, and i was the last bus that night. we got "home" fine and even made our flight. making flights became a sort of lugxury as Erik's untimeliness caused us quite some financial loss.

in london bp got us a room for my birthday. we stayed at the tower hotel, with a view of the tower bridge. it was cool. that night we walked through Jack the Ripper's old stomping grounds and found a little pub where we made friends with a "Paul", but we couldn't say it right. he was great! and really drunk!

the rest of our time we spent in hostles, well, BP and Erik stayed in hostles legally and i'd sneak in to share a bed with BP.

it was quite the adventure, i'd say. great test for BP and i. i got unrationally upset when we missed our flight to dublin because Erik refused to leave the bar with us the night before. i'm sure the air line people in that tiny English hopper port thought i was going to blow something up. and i probably would have, given the appropriate ingredients.

well, thats it for the most part. i left out some steamy sex scenes, but i wouldn't want to bore you with gurtuitis sex scenes.

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